eFIRE Guide: How to Use this Site


eFIRE is your electronic Field-based Interactive Rx-fire Experience.
Stand in the field with landowners as they talk about ways prescribed fire helps meet their burn objectives for their property. Listen as experts share their perspectives on prescribed fire. Learn the steps for conducting a prescribed burn, from planning through evaluation via virtual visits to our case study sites. Find the resources you need to take action.


Freely choose your own path through the site, viewing content and case studies. If you would like to assess your knowledge, then just self-enroll, and complete the quizzes.

Everyone is invited to complete the eFIRE assessments. If you need assistance, go to the
step-by-step guide to self enrollment.


Follow the structured path through the stages for conducting a prescribed burn:
Why Burn? > Planning > Conducting > Evaluating
You are expected to complete the assessments as you finish each stage.
Contact your course instructor about enrollment.


After completing your eFIRE experience, you should be able to:

  • describe why prescribed burns are conducted
  • summarize how to prepare for a prescribed burn
  • explain how a prescribed burn is conducted
  • evaluate whether a prescribed burn can help meet the landowner’s objectives.

eFIRE does not replace state prescribed fire certification courses. Rather, it is intended to provide you with the necessary information to take the next steps, which could include:

  • contacting a prescribed fire expert
  • signing up for a certified prescribed burn manager course in your state
  • joining a prescribed fire council or prescribed burn association
  • attending a prescribed fire workshop
  • visiting your local Farm Service Agency (FSA) or Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) office
  • signing up for the free eXtension Introduction to Southeastern Prescribed Fire course at

Orientation to eFIRE

Why Burn? presents an introduction to prescribed fire. Learn about the variety of burn objectives and the types of prescribed fire. Listen to experts present perspectives from conservation and forestry points of view. Virtually visit with landowners as they share their reasons for conducting prescribed burns. Discover resources that can help you take action.

Proceed through the stages for conducting a prescribed burn:
Planning > Conducting > Evaluating

For your guided eFIRE experience, move through these four stages in order. Each stage includes anticipated study time, learning outcomes, and assessments to ensure an interactive and effective learning experience. Complete the assessment before moving to the next stage. Don’t worry about getting every question correct the very first time! You will receive feedback to increase your knowledge and you will have multiple opportunities to test yourself as you go.

Step-by-Step Guide to Self Enroll

Everyone is invited to complete the eFIRE assessments. These assessments are located in Moodle, NC State’s learning management system.

If you have an NC State Unity ID, click "Student/Faculty/Staff Login" and login using your Unity ID and password.

If you do not have a Unity ID, the first time you click "Assess Your Knowledge," you will need to create an account.

  • Follow the steps under "New Guest Users" to create a new account.
  • After your new account is created, you will log in using "Guest Login."

Self Enroll

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