How to Take Action

After you’ve experienced eFIRE, the following resources will help you take the next step.

Hire a Burner

In many states, your state forestry agency can help you to do one or more of the following: plan your burn, install firebreaks, conduct a burn, standby on a burn that you are managing, and provide general assistance. However, there may be a waitlist, so check with your state if your burn needs to be conducted within a specific time frame. Oftentimes, private contractors are also available for hire to complete these same activities.

There are several options available through various financial assistance programs such as those with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to help offset the costs of hiring someone to help you with your burn.

Become a Certified Burner

If you would like to become a certified prescribed burner, you will need to complete a certified prescribed burner training course (at a minimum) for the state in which you intend to conduct your burning. Be aware that some states may have additional requirements beyond the training course, such as participating in live burns or preparing a burn plan. Certification classes are typically conducted by the state forestry agency and provide training for properly conducting a prescribed burn. Depending on the state, the length of the course varies from one day to several days and may consist of just a classroom portion or a classroom portion in addition to a field portion. In many states, becoming certified allows the burner to burn when other cannot and offers liability protection to the burner as long as they follow the requirements in the law.

Click on your state below to learn more about how to become certified, next course dates and locations, and how to register.

Join a Prescribed Fire Council

Prescribed Fire Councils are organized at the state and local level and offer information-sharing and networking opportunities for individuals, agencies, and organizations open to anyone interested in prescribed burning. Click on your state Council’s website below to learn more about their organization and how to join.

The Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils partners with Councils across the country to “create one voice to assist fire practitioners, policymakers, regulators, and citizens with issues surrounding prescribed fire use.” The Coalition also helps with the development of new Councils in those states that do not yet have one.


Often individuals are familiar with programs that offer financial incentives, but may not be as familiar with non-financially oriented programs that provide education, outreach, and research support for prescribed fire. Although not all inclusive, the linked table of resources, developed with the support of the Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability’s Prescribed Fire Work Group, will help you better understand the significant number of programs that currently support prescribed fire in the Southeastern United States.